The Patrick Nugent
Technically Pretty // 3D, Motion & VFX


Tools: 3D-Coat, Substance Painter, Blender, Houdini, Redshift Render, After Effects

A personal project intended to test (and stress) my skills. This piece was designed as a challenge to produce a short music video entirely of original dancing CG-animated characters within a short production timeline. This doubled as a baptism by fire for the workflows I had learned "in theory" but had not yet executed from start to finish:

  • digital sculpting (3D-Coat) 
  • retopology (3D-Coat) 
  • uv-mapping (3D-Coat)  
  • PBR texturing (Substance Painter) 
  • rigging (Blender) 
  • animating (Blender)  
  • shading (Houdini & Redshift) 
  • lighting (Houdini & Redshift) 
  • rendering (Houdini & Redshift)